We specialize in taking care of homes for our part time residents.   We offer a wide range of possible services to our clients.  We can take care of any size house or condo.  We offer instant photographic feedback via email if we find a problem.  You can see at once what the problem is and we can take the steps to correct it for you.


Our basic home check includes:

  • Outside perimeter check.
  • Lawn service:  We make sure your lawn service is doing their job.
  • Security check:  All doors, windows and sliders are checked for security.
  • Pest control:  We check for insect problems and open for your pest control service.
  • Pools:  We make sure your pool has the proper water level and that your pool service is doing the service you pay them for.
  • Plumbing and drain traps:  Running water through every drain prevents deadly sewer gas backups and circulates water.
  • Debris and litter removal:  Debris and litter left in your yard can be a sure sign to a thief that you are away.
  • Vehicle checks.  Cars left at your home can be started or driven regularly for you.
  • Mail:  We will bring in your mail and even forward it to you.
  • Plants:  Don't let your plants die. We can take care of that, too.
  • Photo evidence.  If we do find a problem, we take pictures for you and send them to you at once.
  • Alarm systems:  We can be your first responder in the event your alarm is activated.
  • Structure integrity:  Leaky roofs, broken gutters, storm damage can become expensive if not addressed. We catch it for you.
  • Forget something? We can retrieve anything and send it to you.